When Boredom Strikes

Okay so I’ve been looking for a new job for a couple of weeks to start my life in London and I’m reeeeally taking my time, exploring my options. BUT- Damn, I’m getting bored. Laying low is so difficult! I sort of feel guilty when I’m out spending money and eating out so I’m trying to keep it quiet during the week at least. So, what do I do for fun?

Exploring the city on your todd

There’s always parts of every city you’ve never been to. Also, sometimes in your mid-20s you can be living in survival mode and you’ve got to work with a low budget. I’m not going to get into the obvious choices like Buckingham Palace etc (snore). I’ve realized that just like New York, London’s borough’s each have their own quirks about them. Notting Hill, Neal’s Yard, Wordle St in Chelsea, they’re all very picturesque and give you the real London experience. Sometimes when I take a random left turn and walk down an avenue I’m like HOLD UP- I’ve been transported to Hogsmeade. There’s nothing I love more than wandering around with no specific destination and stumbling across new chill-out spots.

Themed nights with friends

Mexican Monday, Taco Tuesday, Fajitas Friday (IDK Mexican food rhymes the best but you can get creative). I always look for any excuse for my friends to pop round on evenings during the week. It makes hump-day so much easier and cooking dinner together is healthy and productive right? There’s always the danger of the odd bottle of wine.. or two. But hey, you work to live not live to work HAH?

Volunteer to dog walk

Okay so I’m not the biggest dog person (I know, all men gasp “Ugh, so not wife material”) but a lot of my friends who have moved away from home miss having dogs around. Dog walking not only keeps you occupied for an hour but you’ll feel like you’ve achieved something through a good deed done for the day. If you’re a dog-lover, it will also cheer you up for a week. If you’re not, a walk in the park with your favorite music on shuffle should also do the trick.

Cafes and hotels to work from

When I say ‘work’, I mean I’m getting pretty bored of the four walls of my kitchen during the day when I’m browsing through job boards and filling in applications. A change of scenery does the world a good. Sometimes I like to explore new areas and try some cutsie cafes (where you buy a coffee and no one questions why you finished it an hour ago but you’re still there working away). I also really enjoy working from large hotel lobbies. I like to grab a drink and relax in the comfy lounge areas. Mainly because it makes me feel like I’m on vacation, lol. Anything to get out of the house, really. The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch is a good’n to work amongst other young professionals BTW (or to scope out the talent).

Cards Against Humanity

Nothing beats a night in with friends quite like Cards Against Humanity but have you ever tried creating your own? No, because you’re not a total loser. Well, I was getting bored of the same old recurring cards and one random mid-week night in I decided to create a unique version of CAH for my roommates and I based on our own private jokes and life as New Yorkers. I’m not tooting my own horn or anything but it was pretty epic.

Apply to be in the audience for a show

This is something I really regret not doing in NY because it’s so simple! In a big city like London with plenty of live broadcasts and award shows, there’s always opportunities like these cropping up. With most of them, you just have to apply via their website and it’s completely free- you just put your name in for tickets and I’m pretty sure it’s a raffle. It’s an out-of-the-ordinary activity with guaranteed entertainment.

Rent a car and escape the city

Growing up with plenty of greenery at our doorstep, it’s definitely what I miss most about Ireland and the biggest sacrifice living in a city. Also- DRIVING. I love driving, especially on my own with my choice of music. Some weekend soon, instead of heading out, I’m going to rent a car and drive through the mountains or up north somewhere and find a great spot to hike or just take in the sights if I’m feeling lazy. So, suggestions to come.

Stroll through London’s markets

There are so many cute spots in London to stroll through and bask in the atmosphere of happily productive people. There’s something very feel-good about walking through markets isn’t there? London is definitely not short of them. Pick up some produce, get some fresh air AND explore the city all at the same time. Check out Borough Market, Portobello Market and Brick Lane. You’ll find Farmers Markets in pretty much every park on Sundays.

In terms of London Activities, I still have much to see before I can make decent suggestions but stay tuned..


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